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Memorials : 2
Location : India
Description : One of several Military cemeteries created during the occupation and rule of India by Great Britain, each was located very close to the British military headquarters, or cantonment, near to the Ganges river. Called Dinapore at the time, the town is now known as Danapur and is a neighbor of the larger city of Patna, in the state of Bihar. All British Archives records would indicate burials having taken place in Dinapore Cemetery I, II, III and so forth.

frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Dinapore Military Cemetery II?

    Dinapore Military Cemetery II is located at No GPS information available Add GPSDanapur/Dinapore Cantonment Bihar ,India.

  • Dinapore Military Cemetery II cemetery's updated grave count on graveviews.com?

    2 memorials